The three components of E-Library are;

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1.        E-Books

2.        Britannica School

3.        Image Quest


E – Library components

The components can be procured as a bundle or individually based on the immediate requirement of the school.

1.        E Books

Britannica’s non-fiction subject reference e-book collections offer a time-saving and economical way to make authoritative, curriculum-aligned content available in the classroom, library, or at home. Britannica titles in EVS / Science, Mathematics, Social Sciences, and General Reference provide trustworthy resources for reading, writing, reference and research and create a solid foundation for your e-book collection / library.   Key salient features:

·         Access both Online and Offline

·         Notes, bookmarks, highlights can be saved for future references.

·         These eBook’s can be printed for noncommercial purpose only

·         Text supported by rich quality images


Besides the school also enjoys the following benefits;

·         Perpetual Access (One Time Investment with Zero maintenance charge)

·         No Cap on concurrent users – the same book can be read and used by multiple users at one time.

·         Anywhere anytime access not just limited to the school only

·         No wear and tear of the book.

·         Cloud based access eliminating expensive storage requirements.


2.        B School


Britannica School has a wealth of content and a wide variety of resources that promote rigor while students read, write, research, and develop vocabulary in the content areas. A consolidated search feature brings all the resources together in one place for a time-saving review.

-          Three learning levels to choose from Primary, middle and senior school - Age appropriate and internet- safe

-          123,000 Articles

-          90,000 photographs, videos, illustrations

-          36,000 Biographies

-          More than 700 magazines and periodicals

-          World Atlas and Compare Countries

-          Integrated Merriam Webster Dictionary with audio pronunciations

-          Translation in 8 Vernacular Languages and more than 70 Foreign Languages

Additional Features:

•         Access on any gadget running on IOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows.

•         Text to speech

•         Anytime Everywhere Access and on any device in classroom, library and at home.

•         Lesson Plan Builder for teachers

•         Written by experts, articles are continuously revised and updated. 


3.        Image Quest: Bring classroom activities to life with nearly 3 million rights-cleared images from more than 58 of the best collections in the world. The Bridgeman Art Gallery, Dorling Kindersley Images, Getty Images, the National Portrait Gallery of London, the National Geographic Society, and other leading names have joined with Britannica to provide the best and broadest collection of proprietary educational imagery

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