Ajanta’s Little -Noddies (Pre-School)

Accordingt to the Montessori program, the aim of the Ajanta’s Little Noddies preschool of Ajanta Public School is twofold. First is the overall development of the child and second the gathering of information about children, the manner of their physical, mental, emotional & socio development, and their effective means of training. We believe a child’s world is a world of constant joy and thrill. We try to maintain balance in our curriculum to develop “The Total Child” i.e. physical, intellectual and social child. Entire teaching and learning takes place through the meaningful fun oriented activities. In order to develop team spirit different competitions are held from time to time.                                                               

We all understand the importance of early childhood years as a period of rapid physical and mental growth. As we all know that these are the crucial formative years where we as teachers are like masons giving shape to the child’s personality. Therefore, a great deal of emphasis is laid on childhood education – learning program to be child centered, with focus on providing requisite material so that the child actively seeks learning.                             

Physical features of class room: Theme oriented colourful class rooms, taking care of the child’s understanding and visual level. Keeping in mind the importance of environment we use eco-friendly oil paintings.  

Big display boards are provided in the class rooms to display child’s work to give them a sense of achievement.
The classrooms are spacious, neat and tidy, having proper light and ventilation.  The pre-school wing is centrally air-conditioned. Furniture is child friendly and also theme based.

We believe in imparting the education to these tiny tots in a way where we prepare the child to face the world with great courage and confidence. We impart the education in both progressive and conventional method. The children are provided with plenty of teaching aids to understand everything practically and faster. There is a library dedicated to the Little Noddies preschool of Ajanta Public School Gurugram where they understand the value of books and achieve the habit of self-reading.

 We have a spacious, colourful computer lab which is specially designed for this age group. Children are free to use the aids which are child friendly. They have many indoor and outdoor swings which are used according to the weather condition. Like the good gardeners we create an environment where the unfolding of child’s inherent qualities take shape naturally.



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