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Glitter Literati is an important activity to be conducted in the curriculum with the objective of honing up their literary skills and creative skills. It is an inter school competition to be conducted every year. This year too, it was conducted and one of the activities of ISA was done under in it . We took Debate , Poster , Harangue and Skype session for the theme “Women Empowerment.”


Debate Competition- We conducted debate competition on women empowerment and their rights in today’s world .Sixteen schools of city participated in it. The Topic for debate was-‘there is no tool for development then empowering of women. Three participants spoke one in favour, other in against and an interjector. It was presented beautifully by all schools’ pupils with usage of power and diction in delivery of arguments.

 Poster making competition- The topic was again to show the strength of women “Women Empowerment”.  Around 15 schools participated in it and students beautifully presented their creativity and imagination through colors on their sheets.

Harangue-The objective was to develop their interest towards great writers and dramatist. The participants performed in the Auditorium enacting in any character from Shakespeare’s plays. Children touched almost all plays starting from Macbeth, Julius Caeaser, Merchant of Venice, Romeo Juliet and King Lear.

Skype Session – Under the same theme, we had a skype session with Moracco ,one of Arab countries. We exchange rules of women empowerment in India and they shared the status of Women empowerment in their country. It was enjoyed by the students.

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