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Ajanta Public School is a garden of knowledge, which was laid by our Rev. founder, Shri Ramesh Kapoor way back in 1999. His vision of serving the community through education and bringing out excellence in every child, is being nurtured by respected Principal, Mr. Vaibhav Kapoor. He believes that schools are pieces of larger ecologies and the most immediate ecologies they participate in are human and cultural. They are inter-dependent. So when one thing changes, everything else does as well. When it rains, the streams flood, the meadows are damp, the clovers bloom, and the bees bustle. Similarly, a thoughtful school by changing a community actually goes on to change the world.

When technology changes, it impacts the kinds of things we want and need. Ajanta Public School throughout has envisaged to keep the curriculum updated with the constantly changing technology in education. Consider a few of the key ideas incorporated in the school’s progressive education. Mobile learning, digital citizenship, design thinking, collaboration, creativity, and on a larger scale, digital literacy and more are skills and content bits that every student is exposed to and mastered with. As these force their way into classrooms, assignments and the design thinking of teachers, the school aims at increasing the volume of excellent human capital of the country.


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