School Policies & Codes

Instructions for Student's:

  • Students’ Details – Parents should furnish and update the School for security reasons (as and when required) with their latest Professional and Personal Data (office address, residential address and contact details).
  • Identity Card – Students must carry the Identity Card at all times, as it gives an identity to them. Parents should also bring the Parent Identity Card whenever they come to school.
  • Punctuality & Regularity – We appreciate Punctuality & Regularity to school. Students must be punctual and come to School on time. 75% attendance is mandatory to appear for Final Examination.
  • Textbooks/Notebooks - The students should carry text books/note books as per the prescribed time table.
  • Leave – In case leave is required for any reason other than medical, students must apply prior for the same through a duly filled application form available at the reception and school website. Early dispersal is not permitted.
  • Cleanliness – Students must observe cleanliness in School in accordance with Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and respect School property. They must ensure that no scribbling or graffiti is done anywhere in the School.


  • Mobile Phone/Gadgets – Carrying mobile phones or any other electronic gadget to School is prohibited. If a student is found in possession of any such gadget, it will be confiscated.
  • Campus Language/Behaviour – Students should restrain from using unparliamentary language/violence/ unfair means in any form in the School Campus. The students must respect their elders and be courteous to all.
  • Social Media – The students must avoid using social media to post anything against the School or any staff member. This will lead to disciplinary action/suspension from the school.
  • Tobacco – The school is a Tobacco Free Zone and the sale of Tobacco within 100 yards from the school premises is prohibited.

Note: The school endeavours to uphold physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of all students under its care.

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