The school has well equipped Science Labs as per C.B.S.E norms for the betterment and practical implementation of the particular subject. The basic purpose of Science Labs is to prepare children for life by instilling in them an approach to analyse problems and find solutions on their own. In fact, Science Labs help in developing critical thinking and  bringing forth the ‘Einstein’ in every child.

  • Bio lab:- A well-equipped, commodious lab enriched with models and charts help to understand the morphology of species. With high sensitive microscope, students get a live experience of grafting chromatography germination and dissection of plants and vegetables.
  • Chemistry lab:- The Chemistry lab is well equipped with apparatus and always has sufficient stock of chemicals to perform various experiments and projects as prescribed in CBSE curriculum. Separate place for storing chemicals and work tables with acid proof tiles makes it highly safe for the students to perform experiments.

  • Physics lab:- The Physics lab is equipped with sufficient apparatus required by students in various experiments and for their extended experimentation in projects. The experiments related to almost all topics in Physics like electricity, magnetism, light, liquids, waves, resonance can be performed from the elementary to the most sophisticated level.
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