Reduced Inequalities


        Inequalities exist in all societies in its various forms- be it gender based, economic based or caste or race based. With constant efforts at a global level somehow there have been a slight reduction in gender based and caste/race based inequalities. But with emerge of globalization economic inequalities have only increased, the gap between rich and poor have just gone wider. Thus comes the constant need to increase awareness and efforts towards the reduction of all forms of inequalities.

         To continue the same momentum the students of grade VI to VIII, under the guidance of Mrs. Ruchi Singh, have performed Musical Plays and Debates as part of the ISA project on Topic "REDUCED INEQUALITIES". In a bid to reduce the variations and differences everywhere, students have worked in groups to improve their collaboration and research skills. They have also developed positive and sensitive attitude towards the differences that exist around them in society. 

          They also wrote articles to share their views on " The right, benefits and proper boundaries of Gender and Economic inequalities"
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