Plastic Free Planet

Plastic pollution free world is not a choice but a commitment to life - a commitment to the next generation.

To keep the objective alive and raise awareness about the negative impacts of plastic bags on the environment and human health and accordingly find the practical ways to reduce and avoid the use of it ,an IDS project was done under the guidance of teacher Ms. Sonia Nagpal. Students from grade VI-VIII took part in it.

Through the variety of activities like SWAY presentation and Create your Own magazine project on Plastic Free Planet the students were sensitize about hazards of plastic and reduction of it .The projects were shared with the partner country Pakistan via Skype calls. Students learnt and improved their core skills. They understood the seriousness of eliminating plastic from lives and realized every day we can make the world a better place to live, just by not using the plastic bags. They enforced their citizenship, social and personal skills. Students stated that we need to live not just for ourselves, but for the whole humanity, for the trees, birds and all the living beings. Plastic pollution free living is the easiest way to make that successful.


Students of Class VII had a Skype session with the students Roots Millenium School, Pakistan for IDS activity PLASTIC FREE PLANET. They had a very interactive session and exchanged the work done by them and discussed the ways and ideas to reduce the use plastic.It was a very fruitful activity.
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